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At Harmony Cheese, we specialize in private label cheese manufacturing at our cheese plant in Edgar, WI. Our commitment to natural production ensures a diverse range of specialty cheese flavors, including high and low Kosher options tailored to the Jewish community's preferences.

Discover the versatility of Harmony Cheese with our cut and wrap options, complemented by on-site custom label printing. Harness the unique appeal of waxed cheese, providing you with endless possibilities to represent your private label cheese brand with distinction.

Explore our fantastic in-house brands, offering unique cheese varieties not found elsewhere. Elevate your gift baskets or store shelves with the exclusive quality of Harmony Cheese. Proudly partnering with Dairyland Trading Company, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your cheese needs.

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History of Harmony Cheese: Tradition Meets Innovation

Harmony Cheese Logo

Established in 1927 as the "Dvorak Plant," Harmony Cheese, LLC, in Edgar, WI, has a rich history rooted in the vision of local dairymen. Acquired by Marathon Cheese Corporation in 1969 and rebranded as the "Cloverbelt Plant," it faced closure in March 2007.

Ralph and Sharon Bredl, 4th and 5th generation dairy farmers, seized the opportunity to add value to their Stratford dairy farm's milk. "Harmony Specialty Dairy Foods, LLC" was born, producing the first vat of high-quality, handcrafted specialty cheese.

Under Ralph and Sharon Bredl's ownership for 15 years, the legacy continues with operations now managed by Dairyland Trading, LLC, as "Harmony Cheese, LLC." Specializing in wholesale cheese, Dairyland Trading upholds the tradition of providing high-quality, high-value specialty cheeses. The Dairyland Team, with over 100 years of combined experience, ensures superior taste and consistency.

Experience the excellence crafted by our Licensed Cheesemaker, Al Graveen, as Harmony Cheese strives to meet and exceed your expectations. Embrace the keywords "private label cheese," "cheese manufacturing," "private label specialty cheese," "private label waxed cheese," and "kosher cheese" with Harmony Cheese – your trusted partner in quality and innovation.

Private Label Cheese Many options to build your private label brand
Private Label Cheese Products

Learn more about how Harmony Cheese can help you with your private label natural cheese brands

Golden Age Cheese Harmony Cheese Best Selling Brand
Golden Age Cheese

A timeless indulgence crafted to perfection. Each bite encapsulates the essence of quality, tradition, and unmatched flavor. Elevate your palate with the richness of Golden Age.

Making Kosher Cheese - Harmony Cheese Offer Many Kosher Cheese Options
Kosher Cheese

Savor the essence of tradition with our Kosher Cheese. Meticulously crafted, it's a flavorful journey steeped in authenticity and adherence to strict Kosher standards.

Different Cut and Wrap Cheese Options
Cut/Wrap and Wax Options

Explore our Cut/Wrap and Wax Options – the perfect blend of presentation and preservation. Elevate your cheese experience with customizable packaging. Learn more

Award-Winning Cheese Curds
Award-Winning Cheese Curds

Learn more about our award-winning cheese curds and how Harmony Cheese can help you with your private label natural cheese brands.

Harmony Cheese Store
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Explore our wide variety of delicious cheese products at the Harmony Cheese Store. Find your favorite cheeses and discover new flavors.

5lb Deli Loaf
5lb Deli Loaf

Discover our versatile 5lb Deli Loaf, perfect for a variety of culinary uses. Learn more about this product and how it can enhance your menu.

Private Label Cheese FAQ
Private Label Cheese FAQ

Find answers to all your questions about our private label cheese products. Learn how Harmony Cheese can support your brand with quality cheese options.