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Discover the Artistry of Golden Age Cheeses at Harmony Cheese, LLC

Welcome to Harmony Cheese, the home of Golden Age Cheeses, where excellence meets uniqueness in every artisan creation. Our commitment is to provide our customers with the highest quality, delicious, and distinctly crafted cheeses, showcasing the finest Wisconsin specialty offerings.

Quality Assured with Certifications:

Harmony Cheese takes pride in meeting the highest standards. Our cheeses boast Kosher Certification from StarK, StarD, and KFP, ensuring adherence to strict dietary requirements. Additionally, we are FDA Certified, assuring you of the utmost safety and quality in every bite.

Golden Age Cheese Harmony Cheese Best Selling Brand.

Explore Our Golden Age Cheese Varieties:

  • Merlot-Infused White Cheddar: Milled White Cheddar Curds soaked and pressed in Merlot Wine for a delightful blend of flavors.
  • Double Gloucester Traditional: An ancestor of modern Cheddar with a smooth texture, firm body, and nutty taste.
    • Double Gloucester with Chives: for an added savory twist.
  • Caerphilly: Known as "Welsh Miners Cheese," this pure white cheese offers a firm, crumbly, and flaky texture with distinctive honey notes.
    • Nut Brown Ale Caerphilly: with curds soaked and pressed in ale from Bull Falls Brewery.
  • Kidwelly Castle: A cousin of Parmesan, aged for one year, offering a robust and mature flavor profile.
  • Cheshire Traditional: Ancestor of modern-day Cheddar with a full body, loose crumbly texture, buttery salty flavor, and a lemony finish.
    • Cheshire with Sage & Garlic: for an aromatic experience.
  • Abergele Traditional: An original Havarti-style cheese with a sultry, moist, buttery, creamy texture.
    • Variations: Abergele Apricot/Ginger, Abergele Cranberry/Orange, Abergele Onion/Chive, Abergele Portabella/Chive.
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Golden Age Cheese Contact Information:

Corporate/Ordering: 2200 Dickinson Rd, Building 15, Suite A, De Pere, WI 54115
Phone: (715) 443-5543 | Fax: (715) 443-5543

Production: 122480 Schnappsville Rd, Athens, WI 54411
Phone: (715) 443-5543

Explore Wholesale Options:

  • 13 lb. Colored Cheddar Horns (Available in clear or red wax)
  • 7 lb. Colored Cheddar Split (Pictured - Available in clear or red wax)
  • Three-Pound Cheddar Wheels
  • Wholesale – 40# Blocks (Kosher and Traditional Varieties)

At Harmony Cheese, we invite you to savor the tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation that define our Golden Age Cheeses. Elevate your palate with our diverse range of artisanal offerings, each crafted with passion and dedication. Join us in experiencing the essence of Harmony Cheese, where quality is not just a commitment; it's a tradition.

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Golden Age Cheese Harmony Cheese Best Selling Brand
Golden Age Cheese

A timeless indulgence crafted to perfection. Each bite encapsulates the essence of quality, tradition, and unmatched flavor. Elevate your palate with the richness of Golden Age.

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