Wax Dipping of Cheese on the conveyor to cool down

Customized Services to Expand Your Private Label Cheese Brands

Harmony Cheese offers many services to our customers to help their brand stand out from the rest of the market. We offer everything from private labeling to waxing cheese. By working with our customers and our development teams, we strive for a harmonious balance between modern demands and honoring time-honored traditions. This allows our customers to bring unique products to their markets.

Cut and Wrap options offered by Harmony Cheese

Cut and Wrap

Harmony Cheese's cut and wrap services are an excellent choice for our customers who purchase or produce cheese blocks, horns, and rounds. We will precisely cut your cheese according to the desired specifications and apply your own private label. Additionally, customers have the option for us to cut and wrap the cheese on their behalf. Beyond these services, we provide the unique opportunity to coat the cheese with a specialty wax of your choosing, giving your brand a distinctive finish that sets it apart from the competition.

Wax Dipping of Cheese on the conveyor to cool down

Wax Dipping of Cheese

Harmony Cheese's wax dipping service not only extends the shelf life and aesthetic appeal of cheese but also upholds a cherished historical tradition. Originally, waxing was essential for preserving cheese against air and moisture, key factors in spoilage, especially before modern refrigeration. This traditional method allowed safe storage and long-distance transport without quality loss. Our commitment at Harmony Cheese blends these time-honored techniques with contemporary practices, offering the best to our customers. Embrace a piece of cheese-making history with our wax dipping service, a symbol of our dedication to craft and quality in every product.

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